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Rough, raw and gritty are common descriptions for Industrial Hardtechno artist Criminal Mayhem's style. Blending vintage and analogue gear together with modern digital production techniques further characterises his uncompromising sound. This results in atmospheric and distorted music that can tear down any club's soundsystem. 

Starting off 2024 with brand new music on labels like Kursed System, Broken Strain and Falsive, his music has received support from key artists in the scene like 6ejou, Karah, SNTS, Kobosil, Paula Temple, DION and Kozlov, to name a few. 

Criminal Mayhem sets himself apart through hybrid live performances with a modular synthesizer and other hardware, featuring live improvisations and lots of unreleased and specially created music, which has brought him the recognition of big names in the scene. With club and festival shows in countries like The Netherlands and Germany, he's ready to take his career to the next level.

The founder of the label 'GRIT Rec.' always makes sure to immerse audiences into a distinct industrial sonic world.





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