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Rough, raw, dirty and gritty. These attributes describe very well what Hardtechno-artist Criminal Mayhem musically stands for. With a passion for crafting powerful sounds with vintage and analog gear, Criminal Mayhem creates an energetic and intense atmosphere that takes the audience on a journey through his distinct world of music, blending classic techno sounds with innovative new techniques. 

Criminal Mayhem's music thus is characterized by hard-hitting rhythms, textured soundscapes and distorted synths, all while drawing inspiration from the raw energy of underground clubs and warehouse parties. This brought him the support of many big names within the scene; such as Paula Temple, SNTS, KØZLØV, Rian Wood, Stan Christ and Raxeller; and brought his music to the biggest dancefloors.

During live performanes Criminal Mayhem sets himself apart by doing DJ sets, but also hybrid live performances with analog and digital gear that create a devastating and immersive industrial experience. 

In early 2023 he then founded his own Hardtechno / Industrial Techno Label called "GRIT Rec." where he and like-minded artists release their gritty music to the world.





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